Rusty Tweed: A Financial Advisor and Expert

Robert ‘Rusty’ Tweed has established himself as a professional in the financial world. Over the years, he has managed to offer financial advice to his clients on income generation. With his company, Rusty Tweed finds investments and focuses on products that help clients to generate positive income. He also establishes opportunities that will provide tax breaks.

Robert Tweed comes from a long line of financial and entrepreneurial family.   His Great Uncle founded Equitable Life of Canada and his grandfather established a successful brokerage firm in Rusty’s home town that his father ran for over 60 years. His interest in entrepreneurship developed at a tender age, started a snow removal business in high school and he has managed to build a group of successful businesses.

While there are many other investment opportunities, Rusty focus on real estate based investment opportunities.


Education Background

Rusty Tweed has proven his knowledge and experience in finance. The interesting factor is that Rusty has a strong background in both mathematics and the sciences.   He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

He has, however, done different courses in enhancing his financial knowledge including obtaining his California Real Estate license and his CA insurance license in addition to various securities licenses.


Professional Education

Robert Tweed founded Tweed Financial Services in 1993. Financial planning is a complex topic, and most people don’t understand the concept. It is for that reason that the Tweed Financial Services was established. The Company provides the clients a whole picture when it comes to their financial situation. The management provides information on the client’s tax situation, the income needs, their goals and objectives, and their family needs.

Rusty has been involved in aspects of wealth management and financial advisory. Through his various projects, Rusty has been recognized by his peers for his accomplishments. He was selected Estate Planner of the Year by the National Association of Financial and Estate Planners in 1999.

As a professional in wealth management expert, Rusty has specialized in Financial, and retirement planning and he has managed to utilize the advanced tax strategies using the IRS 1031. He has also managed to use Direct Participation Programs to provide tax benefits. Over the years, Robert has invested more than $200 million for his clients in different ventures.

Rusty made great accomplishments in the course of his career. From 1999 to 2005 Rusty was registered with the National Planning Corporation. He was the second-highest ranked representative. Between 2007 and 2010 Rusty was registered with the Capwest Securities. During this time, he was the number-one performing representative.

Rusty joined Concorde Investment Services, and he became the top performing representative.

Robert has written and published different articles. Most of his articles have been published in magazines throughout Southern California. The articles have helped the public, and he has also been quoted in the Los Angeles times and Bloomberg Financial news.

He has been a speaker on real estate and investment strategies in different seminars. Rusty has dealt with accredited investors. His persistence and experience have helped him build a reputation as a real estate advisor and expert.

In 2014, Rusty Founded the TFS Properties, and he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. TFS Properties is a company of experts who have the mandate of finding off-market investment property of their clients. The team finds properties around the United States that have reasonable cash flow and cap rates.

Robert founded the Mold Zero in January 2016. It is a Non-toxic and Non-demolition mold elimination process. The company helps families to eliminate mold with high efficient mold removal technology. They use eco-friendly technology to improve the quality and the health of the families by removing mold, germs, and bacteria.

Robert has managed to create a great career not only because of his experience but also because of his team of professionals. He has handpicked his staff personnel based on their experience in their skills and expertise in their respective fields. The team offers a one-to-one attention to their clients. That is the reason why the companies have achieved great success in the real estate and wealth management sectors.

Robert has a philosophy to provide education to his clients on finance and how to control their financial future. He also helps them to attain independence and make informed investment plans.



Robert loves to participate in different community activities. He has been a fundraiser for the NY Detox Center and New Orleans Detox Center.